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About Ryan Kurkut

Ryan Kurkut is an entrepreneur from Edmonton. When he’s not building his empire, he relaxes by exploring the world and playing a variety of video games.

Kurkut is confronted everyday with a variety of administrative duties as a business owner. An owner’s work is never done; frequently, it involves intervening with independent contractors and coaching personnel to achieve crucial goals for revenues and expenditures. This might range from constructing a tax withholdings strategy to establishing efficient customer and client connections.

Attended MacEwan University was Korkut. A public undergraduate institution called MacEwan is situated in Edmonton’s busy downtown. The institution gave students a strong foundation in crucial business skills. Korkut created his own business and managed contracts and budgets using the lessons he learned from them.

To take his firm to the next level of success, Ryan Kurkut, as a business owner, must use a range of abilities every day. Kurkut handles it everything, from giving the finest illustration of client encounters to calculating the figures for prospective employees.

The first stage to corporate success involves a talent that Kurkut excels at: communication. Every business has a product or service to promote, and it continually identifies new clients and consumers via direct approach, classic marketing techniques, and digital marketing initiatives. Kurkut quickly learned that mastering video tactics, straightforward and entertaining language constructions, and calls-to-action were crucial to his success as owner and operator since each platform necessitates a distinct way to connect with app users.

Kurkut used the knowledge he gained while attending MacEwan University in Edmonton to keep his little firm operating efficiently. He built a business that can support him and his closest friends and family in the event of a short setback by creating spreadsheets and a dedicated system for tracking earnings and expenses.

Kurkut continuously evaluates the long-term labour requirements of his expanding company, deciding whether to hire individuals as full-time employees or switch to an independent contractor model for assistance with marketing, inventory control, and customer support. Before choosing the best personnel action, Kurkut evaluates each option’s distinctive benefits. He has an abundance of decisiveness as a quality.

All clients and consumers anticipate receiving their orders on time and in a satisfactory condition while receiving goods and services. Kurkut has gained a thorough understanding of the subtleties of supply channels, expenses, and order needs via his experience as a business owner. With the use of spreadsheets and his analytical talents, he was able to apportion the expenses of manufacturing various assets through current suppliers and finally find substitute suppliers at a lower cost and with fewer quality-control difficulties.

Kurkut has realised a longstanding dream of being his own boss and having control over his schedule and destiny as a company owner. With his prosperous business, he is able to stand back occasionally, celebrate his successes, and think back on a job well done.

Sharing his achievement with others is equally vital, thus he frequently gives contractors and employees guidance on how to achieve success. He wants to motivate the following generation to immediately make an investment in their aspirations by divulging his techniques for commitment, project organisation, and budget mastery.

Korkut is a travel fanatic eager to discover more of Canada, the United States, and numerous international locations when he isn’t focusing on developing and improving his business.

Born and raised in Edmonton, much of his early journeys comprised explorations of both urban environments and untamed landscapes. Even as an adult, Kurkut still enjoys the excitement of an adventurous trip that includes possibilities for outdoor sports like bicycling and hiking. However, when the city beckons, his commercial acumen shines through in the creation of a schedule to see the required sites. There is still plenty of time set aside for a night in or for more carefree evenings packed with entertainment, fine dining, and discussion.

Kurkut also has a fondness for video gaming, and he plays a variety of games. The creative outlet they provide and the dynamic element of designing landscapes and real estate while engaging in conversations with other players have made world-building opportunities a longtime favorite.

He also takes on games that are more straightforward, such first-person expeditions in the military or made-up towns. Based on the game, outstanding voice acting, visuals, and a compelling storyline may all be enjoyed. Kurkut thinks that one of the most enjoyable aspects of video games is discovering the special skills needed to produce a 5-star release.


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